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I find these books very good references, with the kind of nitty-gritty explanations that most published ELT material now eschews.

Unsolicited comment from Brian Brennan, Language Training Manager, International House Barcelona

A Guide to English Language Usage

Not just a reference book explaining the intricacies of English grammar, but also a source of entertainment for the language-lover, covering numerous areas of the culture of the English-speaking world.

Dr Brian Mott, Barcelona University

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Unsolicited comment by Barrie England on Stack Exchange

I recommend 'The Cambridge Guide to English Usage' and 'Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage' and, specifically for non-native speakers, 'An A-Z of English Grammar and Usage' by Leech and others. Less well-known, but also very helpful, is Peter Harvey’s ‘A Guide to English Language Usage for Non-Native Speakers’.

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Unsolicited customer review on by Magdalena Balibrea Vich

***** An excellent book

Even for people who already have a high level of English, this book offers many nuances and details about small things that sometimes pass unnoticed. The entries are enjoyable and encourage you to keep on reading. I recommend it strongly.

Translated by Peter Harvey from original Spanish See review

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Unsolicited comment by Edward Segura, English teacher at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Official Language School), Manresa, Spain.

I find this book very useful to answer the questions students ask: the difference between over and above, all and everything. The adverb table is useful.

Every English fact at your fingertips … a more than handy reference tool for all involved in imparting linguistic knowledge on a regular basis. In the author’s alphabetically arranged detailed content one can only admire the spirit of Dr Johnson … it will help out when dealing with potentially awkward customers, or those keen to try out a new teacher. Wayne Trotman, ELGazette, January 2009 (Download full review of earlier edition)

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When you start reading it, you are reminded of Modern English Usage by Fowler; however, in this case Peter Harvey is dealing with the reality of the foreign learner and what that learner wants to know … A Guide to English Language Usage is a good reference book for all of us who are teaching and for advanced students as well. It is worth having in our libraries … It is very practical, having been written by a teacher who knows his trade, and is highly recommendable. Liliana Russo, TESOL Spain Newsletter 34/1, July 2010 See full review of earlier edition (pdf)


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An entertaining and illuminating read … shows a high awareness of learners’ needs – it is clearly written by someone with solid classroom experience … The grammar sections are a strong area of the book … The information provided [on pronunciation] is accurate and relevant … the cultural information as a whole is well-presented, colourful and accurate … [it offers] clear and useful directions for learners … Modern English Teacher, July 2009 See full review of earlier edition (pdf)


Great English Mistakes

Unsolicited customer review on

***** Funny and straightforward, fairly simple but useful for basics

I would recommend it especially for beginners. People who are not really beginners could perhaps do without it. It is written in a clear, fresh style, and is amusing.

Translated by Peter Harvey from original Spanish See review

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An easy-to-read and user-friendly book … grammar receives careful attention … may benefit both intermediate and advanced students of English … Teachers of English may also find it useful.

Fernando Chueca, TESOL Spain Newsletter, July 2009 See full review (pdf)

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While [this book] is clearly aimed at the Spanish-speaking learner of English it is also valuable for the teacher of English working in a Spanish-speaking environment … [it highlights] many of the false friends which exist … Translations show the learner what words do, and, equally importantly, do not mean … with a wealth of real-life examples which are sometimes humorous, the book is very readable … There is certainly a gap in the market for such a book … of all the many English language books I have on my bookshelf, this is the only one that has a long waiting list of Spanish-speaking friends wanting to borrow it.

Modern English Teacher, July 2009 See full review (pdf)


Email and unsolicited mention


Dear Mr Harvey,

Let me congratulate you on your latest book, it's what every single student of English in Spain needs.

I have just discovered your Great English Mistakes and it's just what I think and experience and do with my own students. Let me explain: 90% of what you explain I have also done in exactly the same way to my students. I have also made a wee compilation of how "my adult learners" learn English as a Foreign language here in Spain, in a work context where English is a second language. Here is a link to the wiki, if you want to have a look. It's still an unfinished project and still fairly general but I got all excited when looking at your explanations and couldn’t but email you at once.

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I would like to mention the book Great English Mistakes made by Spanish Speakers by Peter Harvey from Lavengro Books, which I discovered a few days ago. I find the book very appropriate for [analysing students' needs and correcting mistakes]...You'll never regret it. How Adults Learn English Visit site, scroll down

Pearls of the English Language

This book was published in April 2014 and has not yet been reviewed.